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plant breeders

Custom development

Plant breeding is a long process to which we can bring a considerable advantage.

Introducing plant material into the laboratory at an early stage for preliminary multiplication can, for example, significantly shorten the plant breeding timeframe.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your new development needs. We will be happy to help with your specific demands.

plant breeders

The benefits of micropropagation

Multibaies is fully experienced in the micropropagation, breeding and distribution of plants for the B2B market.

Maximum levels of safety to prevent confidential genetic material being leaked

The varieties that you entrust us with are propagated by us, in our own facilities. When a nursery works with a low-cost laboratory service based in a country where the theft of intellectual property is “permitted” by Low IP protection National laws, the risk of genetic material being leaked is high. This is unfortunately a reality with which professionals (growers, nurseries or fruit buyers) are regularly faced and which can result in law-abiding businesses being destroyed.

Trustworthy processes guaranteed

Responsibility for compliance with varietal purity standards is assumed by a single operator – us. It is quite common for laboratories and specialized breeders to operate separately. Although micropropagation has become indispensable for many reasons, it is by no means a simple method and is clearly a major source of risks. In addition to not often being in contact with producers, laboratory service providers are paid on a basis of output. They are not always aware of the risks connected with tissue culture propagation in relation to the fruit production business, for example in terms of soma clonal variation.

Multibaies is one of the few specialists to have developed expertise in the entire plant production process.

Highly consistent quality and fast response times

Our experience of in vitro culture on many varieties allows us to establish reliable propagation protocols in a very short time. We are able to meet high volume needs in short timeframes.

A key strategy for export overseas

Micropropagation ensures a high level of plant health. Regulations applying for import/ export of TC Plants are therefore different. This makes it in general much easier.
Besides this advantage is the certification process permitted by tissue propagation.
In this process, we guaranty the trackability between an original mother plant (being largely tested for variety and sanitary conformity) and the commercial production. The certification represents today the highest level of guaranties and is an additional advantage for export to destination where it is required.

“IP Settlements: One of the less savory elements of the Spanish industry is the prevalence of unlicensed propagation, distribution and planting of proprietary varieties. 2013 and 2014 saw a number of legal and financial settlements around ‘regularizing’ almost 700 acres of illegitimated material. Unfortunately, these activities still reportedly continue among certain companies and grower groups in the territory.”