About Multibaies

The company

Absolute experts in blueberries

Founded in 1983 by Bruno Billotte, Multibaies began as a pioneer in blueberry cultivation. Faced with the challenge of sourcing blueberry plants in Europe, we embarked on a mission to provide complete solutions to European blueberry growers. Since then, we have continued to specialize in this area.

Our plants are in vitro propagated in our own tissue culture laboratory. This enables us to enforce strong trackability processes and thus guarantee genetic conformity and sanitary conformity for superior performance in your field. Our state-of-the-art culture room and cutting-edge techniques enable us to produce plants of exceptional quality with unrivalled efficiency. Furthermore, the flexibility of our production process enables us to respond rapidly to the needs of our customers.

Multibaies is a trusted partner for growers and plant nurseries seeking plant varieties suited to a dedicated climate or activity. With decades of experience and a passion for excellence, Multibaies remains true to its mission of providing the best growing solutions to customers around the world.


Back to the origins

In its beginnings, Multibaies offered a complete range of berry plants. After a long break, Multibaies is back with raspberries and blackberries. Explore our latest range and discover the difference Multibaies can make to your business!

Bruno Billote, multibaies plant nursery 1983