Centra Blue®

Centra Blue® is a new rabbit-eye cultivar developed by Plant & Food Research (New Zealand) from the Centurion and Rahi varieties.

It is a semi-upright plant, of medium vigour compared with its parents Rahi and Centurion which are very vigorous varieties. The flowering time is generally late. Centra Blue® also crops very late, up to a month later than the Powderblue variety, depending on the geographical location.

Fruit are generally well presented for ease of picking. Berries are large in size and very round. Some fruit can be slightly oblong in shape (but this is difficult to visibly spot without measurement). Fruit are light blue with good flavour and very little grittiness. Initial tests performed in New Zealand have shown it to be a very productive variety. Centrablue® requires a cross pollinator and is not suitable in regions with harsh winters.